What would i do if i were the president in sri lanka

As we know a full grown and world renowned leader cannot be born immediately. From the day first appoint a committee to form the best suitable new constitution for the country.

President of Sri Lanka

Other presidential residences include: Be v careful of friends around me who try to put my country in trouble again.

Restructure the education system in schools giving prominence to the English language. Taking advantage of this situation, Rajendra Ison of Rajaraja I, launched a large invasion in Tax benefits[ edit ] By tradition the President and past Presidents are not subjected to income tax.

Inthe king signed a treaty with the Dutch East India Company to get rid of the Portuguese who ruled most of the coastal areas.

No matter to shopping with general public if there nothing any treat to me. While other presidents such as Jayewardene and Sirisena have refuse to use the Presidents House, with the former preferring to stay at his personal residence Braemar and the later at his former ministerial residence at Wijayarama Mawatha.

Therefore an urgent powerful commission with summary trial everyday will be held and rajapakse and his clans will be kept busy with that. Hence give top priority for peace. If MMR is to be implemented, it must have two ballot papers. To do so I will set up a tip line where people can call and inform anonymously I will improve the living standard of Sri Lankans regardless of where they live or what their ethnic or religionI will be honest; I will say what I do and do what I saidI will find an honest solutions to ethnic problem and make sure that Tamils and Singhalese understand each other with mutual respect.

Address all issues in the country and develop the country while taking all measures to establish democracy in the country.

President's House, Colombo

Minimum qualifications, age, and whether they have past convictions in a court of law 4. Zarook Saturday, 27 June No other choice, but to retire from politics. Convert the free university education system to a subsidized Prioritize all the immediate requirements of the Country.

List of Presidents of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan dynastic history ended inwhen the island became part of the British Empire. Have the election under the old preferential voting system, appoint a national government and pass electoral reforms, establish a fully functional constitutional council and independent commissions Police, Bribery etc with the new parliament.

Abolish rest of the Provincial Councils. Call for general Election and form new Government with new faces3.

I was still President when I went to Tangalle in helicopter: MR

Pre-Anuradhapura period Main article: Curtail the mushrooming of tuition centers island-wide and enforce laws to prevent individuals charging high tuition fees, and making education a business.

Good survey done by Daily Mirror which details can be passed on to the President Maithripala so that he too knows what the public think.President's House, Colombo.

President's House is the official residence and workplace of the President of Sri Lanka, located at Janadhipathi Mawatha, Colombo, Only colonial officers were allowed access to the governor when in Country: Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka rue missed opportunities as they prepare for must-win clash ‘We can’t be complacent about disaster management’ - Dilanthi A Do we need an all powerful president.

Early inhabitants of Sri Lanka were probably ancestors of the Vedda people, Executive: The President of Sri Lanka is the head of state, the commander in chief of the armed forces; head of government, and is popularly elected for a five-year killarney10mile.comg code: + Can a Tamil become president in Srilanka?

Update Cancel. ad by LendingHome. Now you can see not only a Tamil a Muslim also can become president of Sri Lanka. All citizens are considered equal under the constitution of Sri Lanka and you must know that several Tamil people had already contested in presidential elections.

were to rise up. Twenty five tanks were renovated in Trincomalee District this year – President President Maithripala Sirisena says renovations of 25 irrigational tanks in Trincomalee District alone have been completed by this year, under the government’s program to build an agricultural economy to bring the historical irrigation culture back in Sri Lanka.

List of Presidents of Sri Lanka The President of Sri Lanka is the elected head of state and the head of government. The President is a dominant political figure in Sri Lanka.

What would i do if i were the president in sri lanka
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