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The film highlights a fundamental problem with the way corporations are governed, which is that they are controlled by stockbrokers, not the shareholders who actually own the company.

I learned, therefore, that being a stockbroker potentially comes with the difficult dilemma of balancing professional commitment against family loyalty. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

What Stone is trying to focus on in the film is that while greed Bud stops listening to his conscience and soon becomes lured into the illegal but lucrative world of corporate espionage by his new found mentor and hero, Gordon.

Second, stockbrokers are continuously faced with the difficult dilemma of being good or being greedy. In the eyes of the law or S. For Gordon Gekko, the answer is clearly the latter. However, for Bud, the answer is less clear. In no time at all, Bud assumes the "yuppy" young urban professional status he has always dreamed of.

Wall Street (1987) Movie Review Essay Sample

He shows the highs and lows of greed through Gekko and Fox. The take Wall street movie essay review from this, therefore, is that stockbrokers are constantly faced with decisions of morality.

Stockbrokers, such as Bud and Gekko, often must decide whether the good that comes from greed outweighs the bad it entails.

For example, Gekko coaches Bud to become a manipulative trader who is willing to twist and break the law for profit. Bud readjusts his priorities, and escapes the world of illegal activity, deception, and greed.

More essays like this: He likes to win. However while Stone shows the upsides of greed, he also shows what can happen when greed takes over your life. In his personal life he has everything he could possibly want, wife, family, estate, pool, limousine, priceless art objects and they are all just additional entries on the scoreboard.

They face balancing family and professional allegiance, not withstanding decisions of morality and, most importantly, making lots of money. Bud must chose business for profit or family allegiance. Always the studious and honest hard worker, Bud soon realizes that in order to make it to the top of the corporate ladder and become a power player among the business world elite, he must lie, cheat and steal.

He dreams of becoming a heavy hitter in his corporate profession and sets his sights on a famous Wall Street wizard named Gordon Gekko played by Michael Douglas.

Third, is the issue of corporate governance. When Bud chose to break the law by manipulating stock values in order to generate profit, he was arrested for insider trading and securities fraud charges. Gekko spends all day trying to make as much money as he possibly can, and he cheerfully bends and breaks the law to make even more millions.

On the other hand, a bad stockbroker is dishonest, bad, greedy, and favors himself; in other words, a bad stockbroker is Gordon Gekko. Gekko becomes a sort of twisted mentor to Bud, introducing Bud to the mysterious world of international high finance and the illusory realms of stock and real-estate speculation.

I learned, therefore, that stockbrokers are consistently presented with opportunities to break the law for profit and risk the potential consequences, or risk letting a profitable opportunity slip away.

Fourth, is the ethical dilemma of breaking the law or losing profit. With his posh Upper East Side apartment, equipped with state of the art electronics and gourmet food appliances, Bud has established himself in the business world, and it rejoicing with the celebration of greed.

Sometimes such illegal trading acts slip through the cracks, and go unnoticed, enabling any given stockbroker to profit from the illegality.Published: Mon, 5 Dec “WALL STREET” is an American movie directed by Oliver Stone.

Wall Street

It Street takes us to the front lines of an industry that has recently undergone a decline in values and ethics that once were the cornerstone of American business. Wall Street () Movie Review Essay Sample. After watching “Wall Street ()” I learned of several dilemmas stockbrokers, such as Bud Fox and Gordon Gekko, encounter in the pursuit of wealth.

Free Essay: Review of movie Wall Street In the big city of New York there always exist those who push the envelope a bit, and stretch the law. One such man. Wall Street isn't a movie to make one think. It simply confirms what we all know we should think, while giving us a tantalizing, Sidney Sheldon-like peek into the boardrooms and bedrooms of the 78%.

Dec 11,  · He sounds like Gore Vidal jazzing up the pages of The New York Review of Books. Continue reading the main story. Advertisement. ''Wall Street'' isn't a movie to make one think. It simply.

Sociological Essay: Movie Analysis, “Wall Street” The movie “Wall Street” is a classic movie and one of my personal favorites. It’s a fictional story with real world implications.

It’s a fictional story with real world implications.

Wall street movie essay review
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