The decline of european christianity essay

Catholicism during the nineteenth century had reacted to this modern world with wholesale condemnation, while Protestant liberalism had practically capitulated before the new age.

The Decline of Christianity in Europe

Another perspective of higher criticism was formulated by Johann G Eichorn who laid down the dictum that the Bible was to be read as a human book and tested by human means This Day in Jewish History.

War and Poverty in the 20th Century The liberation from God, who was now considered dead, would release human accountability from divine authority. European Commission, It was no wonder that those individuals who were exposed to these theories of belief were uncertain how to respond and what to believe.

Because man was The decline of european christianity essay guilty through original sin there was no need of Christ as Savior. There was no longer room for the old religious beliefs that held men down, the new world would be a place of limitless possibilities and freedom. In the twentieth century men like David Strauss denied both the miracles and integrity of the New Testament as well as the deity of Christ, whom he saw as a man who thought He was the Messiah Cairnes.

Cross and Elizabeth A. A culture without religion is bound for a future of chaos and loss of morality. Western academics have accepted the sociologists secularization thesis that asserts that intellectual advances and economic modernization leads people and nations past a need for faith, to a more enlightened and more secular mode of life Greeley.

Jean Astruc divided the book of Genesis into two parts making higher criticism very popular in Europe Online Encyclopedia. Once scripture was available to the masses a tidal wave of independent thought would emerge revealing new understandings of grace and contradicting the enactments under Papal authority.

The theory of evolution denied the direct creation of man by God and the greatest damage came from the application of that theory to the development of religion. The secularization thesis previously mentioned seems to hold true to a certain degree when applied to European countries.

Species evolve and develop in a process that is not random, or determined by God, but instead follows natural laws Towns. In America, the Christian faith would grow stronger in a successful attempt to separate from the Church of England and establish a country where religious freedom would prosper.

During the s, science would become the new faith of the masses. With that in mind, what one sees in Great Britain could represent the endgame of Anglicanism. This leads many to speculate that without the religious importance placed on committed marriage, secular European societies are now placing less importance on traditional family units.

During the nineteenth century skepticism and secularism had begun to be common place in France Greeley. English historians recently have argued that Henry VIII was the first secularizer in that he replaced a religious society with an established church.

By eliminating God, Darwin was saying that they evolved from nothing thus eliminating the most important element, God. Therefore when the two world wars and the events surrounding them gave the lie to the hopes and dreams of the nineteenth century, Protestant liberalism was shaken to its very core.

It is stagnant in West Germany, and it is flourishing in Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia…I get upset about the sweeping generalization about the decline in religion. The Decline of European Christianity John Christy Articles The experiment to create a harmonious secular society where God is not necessary and peace is dependent on human nature seems to be more of an ideal than a reality.

Toward the end of the s, Europe would respond in a partial return to religion but this time in the form of religious pluralism instead of traditional Christianity and a modified secularization with emphasis on human decency.

Crossway, Various theories and historical events have played a hand in the decline of Christianity in Europe. Historical Background The cause of the decline of European Christianity can perhaps be traced back to one of the most significant moments in history, the Protestant Reformation.

How could a God who claimed to love His people allow so many to be tortured and killed? Oxford University Press, This only leaves a resource of existential relativism, a slippery slope concept that is changing and does not offer a stable foundation for authoritative system of law or morals to be built.

Europe had been the home of much of the optimistic philosophy and theology of the nineteenth century. Any new characteristics with which an individual is born are likely to be passed on if it is useful.

The Decline of European Christianity

The theory of evolution contradicted fundamental Christian beliefs about humanity and sin. To many, science had now killed God and a new world of human dependence was on the horizon.

The biblical eschatology, in which perfection would come into this world only by the direct intervention of God through the return of Christ, was replaced by the evolutionary view of a world that was being increasingly improved on by human effort.

Survival is certain for almost everyone in the West. Religion in a given country is affected by history, social structure and culture; and its affects on them. The upheavals of the first half of the twentieth century were felt most strongly in Europe. Under the scientific discoveries made by men like Charles Darwin, God was not only no longer necessary for progress but he was not necessary for life itself.

Vu By understanding the primary objective of missions we can begin to prescribe the change that is necessary to the missionary enterprise in Europe.

Hermann S Reismarus went one step further and denied the possibility of biblical miracles and advanced that the New Testament writers were frauds. Missions begin and end in worship Piper.This short essay will explore possible reasons for Christianity’s decline in Europe in the last century and whether or not there is a possibility that the church could start regaining traction in the region.

The Decline of European Christianity Essay - The Decline of European Christianity Europe has been for a long time considered as the Christianity hub, and European missionaries and believers have introduced people from all other continents to the faith.

The Decline of Christianity in Europe; The Decline of Christianity in Europe The Czech Republic and France. Interestingly though, most European countries report denominational affiliation.

We will write a custom essay sample on there was a time when people were more religious than they are now. Secularizers like to point to the. View Essay - THE DECLINE OF EUROPEAN CHRISTIANITY from CHHI at Liberty University. THE DECLINE OF EUROPEAN CHRISTIANITY A Paper Presented to Professor Joshua Earls Of Liberty%(3).

The Decline of European Christianity Audio Format: mp3 A once thriving metropolis of the Christian faith, today most of Europe has become a secular society governed by the laws of humanism under the guise of naturalistic belief.

Decline in European Christianity

Institution Decline of European Christianity Ernest Mitchell Course Name Professor’s Name 11th April Decline of European Christianity There is historical evidence that European Christianity has suffered serious decline.

The decline of european christianity essay
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