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We will also purchase additional equipment as and when needed in accordance to the demands of our company. Target Market Our target market as a lawn care and landscape company is not just restricted to only homeowners and property managers but also government establishment. Our competitive edges will be our high quality work and unflagging professionalism.

In summary, Posh Lawn Care and Landscape Company will adopt the following strategies in sourcing for clients for our business; Introduce our business by sending introductory letters alongside our brochure to stake holders in the real estate industry, government institution and also property owners.

A beautiful garden can serve as relaxing extension of your home and will impress your neighbors. We will also rely on word of mouth, so part of our strategy is to treat every job as if it were the most important client we have ever had.

By managing a company blog and encouraging guest posts from customers, we will be better equipped to form relationships with the community. The strategic mission would no longer focus primarily on the production of high quality products, but instead focus on the efficiency and required methods of using an independent application service.

Phone calls will be returned promptly, services will be done professionally and on time, and customers will be treated with respect. Will be structured as a emitted liability corporation LLC for liability reasons and because we will employ many young workers.

Specifically we aim to target households with two working adults. We will also spend some time, especially on weekends, going around the neighborhood to scout out problem lawns and talk to potential customers.

We will always work as a team, allowing for direct supervision of all workers and direct involvement with the job at hand, to ensure that our customers receive the high quality they expect.

We will bring a portfolio of some of the nicest lawns we have worked on in the past, and photos of our own lawn, which is more similar to the ones in the neighborhood.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers: Our strength as a lawn care and landscape company is the fact that we have healthy relationships with loads of homeowners residence within the area where our business is located. All our products and services are positioned at the high end of the market in terms quality, and the mid to small scale end in terms of size and price.

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Even if the prices is not regulated in the industry, it is still difficult to see lawn care and landscape company charging way higher than the average fee that is charged in the industry. The integration of an application service will enable Lawn Care to provide the highest quality and personalized service as part of its customer value chain.

We will emphasize the quality of our lawn care services and the value organic gardening can bring to the Fairfax community. This would mean that Lawn Care would have to increase their technology to suit such an application service and acquire the correct tools to implement their services.

In the start-up period we will set up a small home based office, and purchase the necessary lawn care equipment. Although the introduction of an application service may cause the loss of a few current customers, as they would be targeting a new category of customer, in the long run the company would benefit in terms of expanding their target markets and long-term capital by providing both the highest quality product and service.

Initial outreach will involve direct canvassing of the neighborhood. We not only provide educational seminars to lawn owners but also seasonal information on proper lawn care. An introduction of an application service would mean that Lawn care would suffer a loss in the number of current customers who would want to apply the products themselves.

This positive increase in households is promising for the future growth of our business. These requirements would cause a drastic increase in Lawn Cares manufacturing and post-sale services cost.

Our corporation has capable personnel that promptly and courteously answers all customer queries. Furthermore,Lawn Cares applicator services would need to improve their speed and time reliability when providing services as time reductions often improve the quality, cost and productivity of their services.

Our business will succeed through the implementation of the following: Finally the introduction of an application service would provide Lawn care with the opportunity to be innovative and flexible in terms of creating a wide range of high quality products and expand their services to all districts including professional parks, golf courses and residential areas which would ultimately allow them to differentiate from competitive seed and fertilizer suppliers.

As a company, we look forward to maximizing our strength and opportunities and also to work around our weaknesses and threats. We know that if we get it right from the outset, we would have succeeded in creating the foundation that will help us build a strong and reliable Lawn Care and Landscape business.

All of these sound like simple things, but they will help us stand out from the local competition. This is done to ensure a happy and ever widening customer base. It also includes those activities involved in transferring of the finished goods to the customers.

Our business will largely be ignored as we plan to strategically locations not yet covered by our competitor. Ethical conditions As per our ethical practices we provide a complete refund if we fall short of the promised services.Description of a business The name of the business is JJ’s bakery.

This is a partnership operated by Josephine and Jody Ann Hernández. This is a partnership operated by Josephine and Jody Ann Hernández. Sample Lawn Care Business Description Green and Clean Inc. Is a lawn care corporation headquartered at 11 Seventh Street, Pelham, NY.

Sample Lawn Care Business Description Words | 6 Pages. Fictitious Business Description Essay Words | 5 Pages. Fictitious Business Description HR Technology Case Scenario: Introduction Human Resource management teams work with the performance of activities such as bookkeeping, upholding policies and guidelines.

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Lawn Care Business Plan Sample

Fescue & Sons Yard Care lawn and garden services business plan executive summary. Fescue & Sons Yard Care is a new residential yard care service targeting rural, middle-class residents with large yards. Red Fescue, one /5(40).

Lawn care Essay Sample. Contents. Executive Summary-The purpose of this report was to conduct a thorough analysis of Lawn cares operations management process and address whether Lawn Cares introduction to an application service would be beneficial or detrimental to the company as a whole.

Sample lawn care business description essay
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