Quality of worklife

This scale also taps into satisfaction with the resources provided to help people do their jobs. Decrease absenteeism and increase turnover, 2.

These situations demand high level of prudence, cool temper, tactfulness, humor, kindness, diplomacy and sensitiveness. But the most common elements adopted are shown in the image below: Some jobs offer opportunities for learning, research, discovery, self-development, enhancement of skills, room for innovation, public recognition, exploration, celebrity-status and loads and loads of fame.

However, the self-employed too may benefit from maintaining healthy work habits and developing strategies to manage work flows Quality of worklife enable them to balance one with other roles in their lives. The job may involve dealing with customers who have varied tolerance level, preferences, behavioral pattern, level of understanding; or it may involve working with dangerous machines like drilling pipes, cranes, lathe machines, welding and soldering machines, or even with animals where maximum safety precautions have to be observed which Quality of worklife lot of concentration, alertness, presence of mind, quick with involuntary actions, synchronization of eyes, hands and body, sometimes high level of patience, tactfulness, empathy and compassion and control over emotions.

Quality of Work Life at NWACC

The emphasis placed by NICE on assessment and monitoring wellbeing springs from the fact that these processes are the key first step in identifying areas for improving quality of working life and addressing risks at work. Applications[ edit ] Regular assessment of Quality of Working Life can potentially provide organisations with important information about the welfare of their employees, such as job satisfaction, general well-being, work-related stress and the home-work interface.

That is an important factor which decides the quality of work life. Formation of focus groups can affect the QWL and discuss the questions in a positive way like: Most existing information on work-life balance is targeted at those in employment relationships. Quality of work life teams: Whilst it is possible to be pressured at work and not be stressed at work, in general, high stress is associated with high pressure.

Many job seekers prefer flexible working hours as the benefit they would look for in their job.

Quality of Work Life (QWL): Nature, Scope and Importance

Quality of work life is the quality of relationship between employees and total working environment. If they are allowed to do so, it enhances the QWL. They can communicate their views, policies, and performance on complex social issues; and develop interest among their key stakeholders like consumers, suppliers, employees etc.

Identify and implement improvement opportunities: Employment has positive individual and social benefits beyond the financial rewards. After reading this article you will learn about: Many organizations, including Governments, NGOs, investors and the media, consider the quality of employee experience in the work place when evaluating a company.

Those are namely boss, co-workers in the same level and subordinates. Significance of Good Work-life Quality: Journal of Vocational Behavior, 39, Involvement in community, cultural, sporting or other activities can be a benefit to community and society at large.

With the increasing shift of the economy towards knowledge economy, the meaning and quality of work life has undergone a drastic change. The diverse work force of today does not want to work for fixed hours or days.

Work life balance can minimise stress and fatigue at work, enabling people to have safer and healthier working lives. Both the leader and staff can assess the job requirement and decide jointly what type of training is required to improve the quality of work life 5.


They achieve a sense of competence and match their skills with requirements of the job. Journal of Occupational Behaviour. Strategies for improving the quality of work life.

Recognition of work life issues: Mental stress and Emotional stress cause more damage than physical stress. Workers including the managers who are healthy and not over-stressed are more efficient at work.

Quality of working life

Many companies find that paying attention to the needs of employees can benefit the company in terms of productivity, employee loyalty and company reputation. Employees have better methods of dealing with work-life conflicts than taking unplanned leave.

This improves job output. Managers pay and their satisfaction with their pay. Aciirt Working paper Studies in the UK University sector have shown a valid measure of Quality of Working Life exists [18] and can be used as a basis for effective interventions.

Employers may also benefit from a wider pool of talent to draw from, particularly to their benefit when skill shortages exist.

If an employee is awarded for a good performance, its helps them to perform even better.Quality of Work Life at NWACC Q uality of Work Life (QWL) can be defined as the satisfaction a person develops for his or her career, allowing them to enhance their personal lives through their work and work environment.

Aug 29,  · InNIOSH entered into an interagency agreement with the National Science Foundation to add a special module assessing the quality of work life in America to the General Social Survey.

Quality of Work Life: it’s Meaning and Definition | Employee Management

The General Social Survey is a biannual, nationally representative, personal interview survey of U.S. Introduction to Quality of Work Life (QWL) 2. Nature and Scope of Quality of Work Life 3. Importance 4.

Quality of Work Life (QWL)

Problems in Improving the QWL. Introduction to Quality of Work Life (QWL): Dissatisfaction with working life affects the workers some time or another, regardless of position or status. Quality of Work Life: it’s Meaning and Definition!

The present era is an era of knowledge workers and the society in which we are living has come, to be known as knowledge society. The intellectual pursuits have taken precedence over the physical efforts.

Work-life balance describes the when, where and how individuals work, leading them to be able to enjoy an optimal quality of life. Work-life balance is achieved when an individual’s right to a fulfilled life inside and outside paid work is accepted and respected as the norm, to the mutual benefit of the individual, business and society.

Quality of work life is a concept which talks about the overall focus on employee as a person rather than just the work done by him/her. Quality of Work Life is becoming an increasingly popular concept in recent times. It basically talks about the methods in which an organisation can ensure the holistic well-being of an employee instead of just .

Quality of worklife
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