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Tax incentives are also employed to encourage foreign investors to invest in the Asian country. Take Big C Supermarket for example. This drives us to conduct research about this product.

Pom Omo Unilever

If OMO keeps such a high price level, the number of consumer may reduce significantly no matter how much the company advertises for their products. Demographic factor The Vietnamese population is increasing quickly, as the total population now reaches 90 million and this figure is believed to rise by 1 million per year Vietnam Demographics Profile Unilever, em la ai?

Therefore, technology enables OMO not only to enhance its quality but also to reach target consumers easier. In the first 5 years since the introduction, the company maintained OMO price and quality in the face of rises in raw materials and fuel price.

Children account for This will be a big obstacle for OMO in the near future. Firstly, as a direct channel, the producers sell directly to final consumers.

Price Price is another important part of the marketing mix including wholesale prices, retail prices, discounts, rebates and credits. The administrative procedure is much more simplified. This figure clearly confirms OMO position in the detergent market of Vietnam.

Through these activities, Unilever drew a lot of attentions and received many positive responses for the company as well as the brand. This Guinness recognized largest shirt was made from 6, meters of cloth. A positioning map 4.

These are companies that customers can easily buy from instead of from that one, and they represent the most intense competition. The five stages are product development, introduction, growth, maturity and decline, which represent an S-shaped life cycle. On top of that, there is a growing concern about the purchase, sale and exchange of goods and services.

Decision type of the product: OMO is the short name which is easy to remember and pronounce. OMO is a product with high quality in comparison with other kinds of washing powders; it can dislodge completely any dirty spots on the clothes.

Economic factor As the national living standard improves, the demand and need for common products are higher. Its mission is to add continuously vitality to the quality of life of consumers. And for OMO Bleach to wash the shirt, a team of more than engineers and mechanics had been working for 17 straight days to make a giant steel washing tank.

OMO, as a result, enjoys the favorable brand name to be an international standard detergent. Packaging is always improved to create the highest aesthetics to consumers and ensure the product quality.

Through this study, the advantages, disadvantages and the competition of the OMO product was clearly highlighted II. It brings the wealth of knowledge and international expertise to the service of local consumers.

In Vietnam, there are many indirect competitors for OMO like Ariel, Amway, Lix, Lifeboy, Pamolive, Enchanteur, Lux, … as they also provide washing products but concentrate more on washing water and soap.

As a result, it is very convenient for Unilever to export products, import raw materials or allocate products flexibly within the region. This system not only focuses on metropolitans like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh city but also allocates evenly throughout the country. In recent years, the oil price keeps going up, leading to the rise in costs of production and causes the price of OMO to increase.

OMO has been partially met customer expectations for their quality products. Nhan hang OMO T? Therefore, Vi Dan attracts more low income people and people in countryside Phuong, K.

The case of Vedan is one typical example. For example, agents in Binh Duong have very modern equipments and scientific operating layouts. Therefore, the customers need little search and decision effort and mostly rely on past experience when buying this product.Perhaps the Supreme Court’s decision in favor of Pom's Lanham Act competitor claims continuing to trial somehow validated Unilever’s decision to haul a much smaller competitor into court.

Pom Omo Unilever; Pom Omo Unilever In the main analysis, first, this report indicates the overview about the company operations. Next, it describes the macro environment trend that affects the market and the company’s competitors.

SITUATION ANALYSIS 1. COMPANY ANALYSIS 1. 1. Mission Statement Attracting and building long lasting. After that, we go on with brand analysis in which we review OMO‟s current performance and describe the current marketing strategy for the brand as well as offer some recommendations relating to the situation.

The report titled ‘Global Pheromones market’ research report with forecast period over to reconciles with in-detailed analysis of market growth factors, market critique, regional analysis, Pheromones market distribution, and competitive landscape analysis of major market players.

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Pom report unilever situation analysis
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