Necessary convergence communication a theory of

Social exchange process[ edit ] The social exchange process theory " Divergence[ edit ] Divergence is a linguistic strategy whereby a member of a speech community accentuates the linguistic differences between himself and his interlocutor.

Along similar lines, the principle of resurfacing competitive rhetorical visions asserts that with opened channels of communication, competition from alternate rhetorical visions increases.

Changed to more accurately reflect ongoing changes in the media technology. Implicit in this assumption are claims of coordination and negotiation. Another possible reason for decline is explained by the principle of exploding free speech, where a significant period of censorship is followed by a deluge of counter-rhetoric.

Communication accommodation theory was also found to have a place in media. They vary in size and quality from the scholarly to the popular press. These theories help to explain why speakers seek to converge or diverge from the language, dialect, accent and behavior of their interlocutors.

SCT has a huge impact on communication research; it can inspire communication scholars in a variety of domains related to war rape and conflict communication.

An introduction to mass communication. Program Objectives Students who major in Communication Studies will: Attraction likability, charisma, credibilityalso triggers convergence.

This can be an incredibly important choice to make, especially in a business setting, because an incorrect judgment in this area of communication could unwittingly promote negative reactions between the two or more parties involved.

SCT highlights the values of rhetorical community by creating a common ground, meeting of minds and empathic communication.

Within fantasy chains there are three phases that keep the chains going. Relational scripts direct interaction, exemplify relational work, and dictate normative ways of issuing directives and responses. Without this chain eruption, there will no be cohesiveness within the group.

Communication accommodation theory

Control of resources provide the potential for the exercise of power in most relationships, with resources being all knowledge, skills, emotions, words, actions, and materials that are at the disposal of the person. For this reasons, Gallois and Callan suggest that it is important to teach immigrants about the norms that govern convergence in each community.Symbolic convergence theory (SCT) is a communication theory developed by Ernest Bormann where people share common fantasies and these collections of individuals are transformed into a cohesive group.

SCT offers an explanation for the appearance of a group's cohesiveness, consisting of shared emotions, motives, and meanings. 1 Convergence Analysis of Communication Networks* William D. Richards, Jr. and Andrew J. Seary School of Communication Simon Fraser University Burnaby, B.C. The convergence theory of communication was developed in by D.

Lawrence Kincaid to provide a general model of communication that would overcome the criticisms and shortcomings of prevailing models, especially information transmission models such as the one used in. Necessary Convergence Communication: A Theory of Dyadic Social Interaction and Meanings Michelle Miller-Day In this paper, the author proposed and describes a theory of the social construction of meaning in dyadic communicative interaction.

Engaging Theories in Family Communication: Multiple Perspectives: Engaging Theories in Family Communication: Engaging Theories in Family Communication, Second Edition delves deeply into the key theories in family communication, focusing on theories originating both within the communication discipline and in allied.

Communication Studies empowers students to become successful and mindful global citizens by engaging in effective and ethical communication.

Symbolic convergence theory

Communication Studies provides knowledge and skills that are critical for success and enrichment in our personal, professional and civic lives.

Necessary convergence communication a theory of
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