Identify an example of interpersonal conflict in the film hitch

The main characters Hitch and Sara have a fight that could have been avoided had they communicated. If you do not communicate effectively then that would cause the relationship to have an interpersonal conflict. The story began when the main character, Alex Hitch, a secret professional dating consultant who makes living by teaching men how to woo women, met Sara, a journalist, in a pub and then he was attracted to her.

People should learn how to communicate with each other effectively from the beginning of a relationship in order to avoid any conflict. In the end they do communicate and work things out.

If you are going to be in a relationship you need to be prepared to communicate you thoughts and feelings. Although the problem in this conflict was just a misunderstanding between Hitch and Sara, and it could have been solved easily, it became harder due to their lack of effective communication.

The conflict was solved when they both opened themselves more to each other. Because of her best friend, Sara tried to find who date doctor was, and later on she found out that was Hitch.

The way she talked showed that she was sure what she thought was right, and she was unwilling to consider other point of view. It takes them awhile to talk things out and communicate. Communication is a key role in any relationship, whether platonic or intimate relationship.

Just talking things out instead of fighting then they would have had more time to get to know each other. In my opinion, there would be no conflict between them if Hitch had disclosed his job for Sara from the beginning of their relationship. The interpersonal conflict was due to communication.

Then in their next meeting they actually work things, they had decided to talk things over about the situation out and all is well.

At this point, both Hitch and Sara handled the conflict poorly. References Mordaunt, W, Tadross M.

Interpersonal Conflict in Hitch Essay Sample

When you enter in or start a relationship you need to be able to communicate effectively. I think they could have sat back and discussed constructively to find where the problem began so that they could solve it.

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And that led to the conflict between them later.

Moreover, it is expressed disagreement, struggle, or discord, and it occurs only if disagreements are expressed overtly or covertly. Effective communication is always a key role in any relationship, especially intimate one.When conflict occurs a relationship can be weakened or strengthened depending on the conflict and its resolution.

Thus, conflict is a very critical event in the course of any relationship. Conflict can cause resentment, hostility, and perhaps end a relationship if it is handled poorly. Feb 04,  · Managing Interpersonal Conflict The case study Managing Interpersonal Conflict examines ways to identify conflict in the workplace and identifies strategies Words: Hitch Interpersonal Conflict The film that have I chosen to examine for interpersonal conflict is Hitch ().

The interpersonal conflict that occurs in this film is the. Interpersonal Conflict in Hitch Monica Winsley COM Interpersonal Communication Jacey Saucedo March 25, Interpersonal Conflict of Hitch In this movie.

In this movie there was an interpersonal conflict between two people. The interpersonal conflict was due to communication. Communication is a key role in any. Interpersonal Conflict in Film Interpersonal conflict in film is the same as in life.

There are times when words or things are said that are taken out of context and you wish they could be retracted.

Interpersonal Conflicts in the Movie “Hitch” Essay Sample

There were many instances of conflict in the film I chose to view. After watching this film, I. In my opinion, a romantic relationship between Hitch and Sara who are two main characters in the movie named “Hitch” is a good example of how conflicts can lead to a lot of problems in the relationship if people don’t handle them well.

Identify an example of interpersonal conflict in the film hitch
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