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ABC picked up the series in November, with a set launch date of January Many authors worked on the revised books, writing new manuscripts; some of them also wrote plot outlines and edited the books. During the first season, the series alternated between episodes featuring the Hardy Boys one week and Nancy Drew the next.

Adams filed a countersuit, claiming that, as author of the Nancy Drew Mystery Storiesshe retained the rights to her work.

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Although the stories were given the same titles and some of the plots remained basically the same, many books were given new plots and are unrecogizable from the originals. Depending on which characters were featured - the Hardy boys, Nancy Drew, or both - the sequence was altered to give emphasis to one or the other.

Martin, Stevenson, and Cassidy were all credited in all episodes, despite the program alternating between the characters.

Starting in the first 38 stories were revised and abridged, much to the dismay of long-time Hardy Boys fans. In contrast, the Casefiles, begun a decade earlier inwas aimed at an older audience than the Hardy Boys Mystery Stories.

The series became "darker", and featured the Hardys as professional investigation agents at the Justice Department. The Digest series continued until when it was replaced by the Undercover Brothers series, which ran to 39 volumes and ended in when it was replaced by The Hardy Boys Adventures in The show did poorly, however, and the series was abandoned.


Sidaris stated that casting Nancy Drew was harder, as "everyone had a fixed image in their heads" of what she was like. In this new series, the Hardy Boys seem "more like regular kids — who have lots of wild adventures — in these books, which also deal with issues that kids today might have thought about.

This season aired before another notable Glen A. Would civilization crumble if kids got the notion that the people who ran the world were sometimes stupid, occasionally wrong and even corrupt at times?

Theme song[ edit ] The theme music was composed by long-time Glen A. The end result, however, was less the removal of stereotypes than the removal of non-white characters altogether [55] and the creation of an "ethnically cleansed Bayport.

At the time the television series started production Fallthere were 55 books in The Hardy Boys series and 53 books in the Nancy Drew series. Despite frequent danger, the boys "never lose their nerve I opted for Quality.

Hardy Boys Adventure Series by Dreamcatcher. This time, they cut the Nancy Drew character, and the series, now titled The Hardy Boys, focused solely on the Hardys. The Hardys also travel across the United States by motorcycle, motor boat, iceboattrain, airplane, [16] and their own car.

In addition to their solo adventures in the original stories and the Digeststhey have joined forces with Nancy Drew in two Supermystery series, the two volume Super Sleuths series and the Be A Detective series and with Tom Swift in the short-lived Ultra Thriller series.

For the first time sincethe books will be issued in hardcover, along with paperback editions. Larson collaborator Stu Phillips. The pseudonym Franklin W. They are hardy boys, luckier and more clever than anyone around them.

Furthermore, any new publishers chosen by Adams were completely within their rights to print new titles. The Hardy Boys were cast as young adults Stevenson and Cassidy were twenty-four and eighteen respectively during the filming of the first episodes to appeal to a prime time television audience.

Even villains no longer smoked or drank, and scenes involving guns and shoot-outs were compressed or eliminated, in favor of criminals simply giving themselves up. The Boys are highly mobile and have a car, motorcycles and a motorboat, The Sleuth, and seemingly unlimited funds to take plane trips and the like.

In each novel, the Hardy Boys are constantly involved in adventure and action. The first three titles were published inand were an immediate success: When he does grasp something, you know it. A group of professional musicians performed all the songs on the series, and toured across the United States.

Hand me the Uzi! The brothers attend high school in Bayport, where they are in the same grade, [b] but school is rarely mentioned in the books and never hinders their solving of mysteries.

At the end of the haunting theme music, a voice-over announcer would state who was featured in the episode and the episode title.

It featured clips from the various season three episodes, along with the names of Cassidy and Stevenson.

The Hardy Boys

International publications[ edit ] Hardy Boys books have been extensively reprinted in the United Kingdomwith new illustrations and cover art.

The Flickering Torch Mysteryfor example, was changed from a plot involving an actual flickering torch used as a signal by a gang to a plot featuring a rock club called "The Flickering Torch.

The latter series, modeled on the Nancy Drew Notebookswas aimed at a younger audience, and ran from to The show lasted for only one season of thirteen episodes due to poor ratings; a series based on Nancy Drew that ran alongside it in syndication suffered the same fate.When Mr.

Hardy disappears while investigating a mystery surrounding a vacant house rumored to be either haunted or an abode for criminals. The Hardy Boys have become pop culture icons and have spawned 4 TV series (including an animated cartoon series) in addition to many other media appearances including comic, coloring, activity & puzzle books; stage plays; games; toys; records and many other collectible items.

Hardy Boys Set - Books [Franklin W Dixon] on killarney10mile.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Join the Hardy Boys for mystery-solving action in a boxed set of the first ten books in this classic series. This collectible set. The (original) Hardy Boys Mystery Stories (–) The first 58 stories and the 38 revisions, along with the Detective Handbook and its revision, are considered by many collectors to form the Hardy Boys canon.

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Hardy boys mystery books
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