Football and basketball essay

These two sports teach self-discipline, help players develop physically, and team work.

Basketball / Football Essay

Basketball is viewed as a non-contact sport, in which by the rules that if any physical contact Football and basketball essay made by a player it is a violation, resulting in a personal foul. Number of Players Both basketball and football are considered team sports since there are several people playing at once.

In Basketball, the ball is used to shoot a basket and score points. Whereas, Football is a full contact sport. Basketball games are more high scoring than football even though basketball teams are awarded only 2 or 3 points for a made field goal and 1 point for a made free throw.

The other difference lies in the way the players interact with the ball. His articles have appeared in a variety of publications including Football and basketball essay Roundball" magazine, Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports and other websites. How to cite this page Choose cite format: They have even become smart devises.

Basketball requires no protective equipment since it is considered a non-contact sport. They both require teamwork by all players, but the team is Football and basketball essay affected by the actions of an individual. In these two sports there are also many object differences. In football, contact is highly encouraged.

Also, each league has playoffs for the best teams to play in. Basketball teams usually have between 12 and 15 players on the roster, while football rosters can range from 50 in professional play to 85 in college games.

You can enjoy our professional essay service which can help with writing your comparison essay on Football and Basketball. Basketball and Football both use a lightweight ball during play. For example, the point of both games is to score more points than the opposing team to win games.

Physical contact is considered to be a violation and will cause a foul on the team who made the contact. Football is played outdoors on a grass or turf field one hundred yards in length, where you are exposed to all the inclement of weather.

Finally, both basketball and football are among the many favorite pastimes today. It evolved from Rugby and had pads. In addition, they both use completely different shoe gear. They are both a team sport. This essay will reveal the similarties and differences between these two sports.

Video of the Day Shape of Ball Both basketball and football are played with leather or composite leather balls, but the similarities end there.

Another major difference is that physical contact between basketball players of opposing teams is highly discouraged and may actually result in a foul. In conclusion, if you want a fun, exciting, and competitive sport football and basketball may be for you.

In conclusion, although their game styles are completely different, both receive numerous amounts truly dedicated fans.

While football is thought to have originated in the early s as a violent collegiate sport for men, basketball is believed to have originated from a gymnastics practice for women. The team that wins all their matches become champions.

Not only just for the love of the sport, but toward particular teams as well as players in the league and coaches. Basketball is enjoyed more due to the fact that its indoors and the climate is controlled. Seeing that basketball is played indoor on a wooden floor it requires players to use sneakers that come up a bit higher in order to protect the ankles.

Conversely, football is well known for its physical contact playing style. Football is a full-contact sport, with tackles and physical confrontations and collisions on every play. But in American Football, they also use helmets and shoulder pads. In both sports the ball is used to score points.

Size and Type of Playing Surface Basketball courts are much shorter and narrower than football fields. Some watch Football for the excitement of the physical aggression of the game.

Basketball and football Essay

Although they are the same color, the shape and material for which they are made is different. While football is in most cases played outdoors in areas that may not necessarily have artificial lighting or controlled temperatures, basketball is mostly played in indoor fields that have both artificial lighting and temperature control.

Length of Games Football games are played for significantly longer times than basketball games.In Basketball the ball is used to shoot a basket and score points.

In Football the ball is carried to the end zone to score 6 points. You can say that basketball is a game of ups and football is a game of downs!

Essay on Pro Basketball vs Pro Football Words | 3 Pages. Pro Basketball vs. Pro Football If you had a choice, would you pick a career where injuries are less frequent and less severe along with a better salary or a career where injuries are frequent and sometimes severe, and salaries are not as good.

Which sport is better: basketball or football? Update Cancel. ad by Honey. Where can I find coupons for skincare and makeup? but even the people I know that love basketball seem to prefer to watch NFL football over NBA basketball.

What Are the Similarities Between Football and Basketball?

Between the two, I’d much rather watch the two worst teams in. Basketball is more dominant than football when it comes to the injuries that the players sustain, but also basketball players also are paid more; and for a lot of people it’s all about the money.

The average salary for a football player is approximately $1, and a basketball player makes about $ 4,which is a lot of money. Jul 14,  · Football and basketball are two of the most played sports in the U.S.A. They both have professional leagues that attract millions of people and make billions of dollars.

Football was invented in by the colleges Harvard and McGill. It evolved from Rugby and had pads.

This later evolved into nowaday football. On the. For years the debate between high school basketball and football has continued on, but now it ends. The pros and cons between the two sports are obvious and will leave any reader knowing which side to choose in the next deliberation.

The main difference between the two sports is that basketball is /5(11).

Football and basketball essay
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