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You see waves of water moving aggressively crashing back and forth. No one is open so they push off of their defender, pull up above the water with the ball in their hand. The Soviet Union was defeated by the Hungarians before the game was called off in the last minute.

This game is one that you need to be there physically as well as mentally. Now the question is whether you are more willing to fulfill that purpose or not? This sport is fast pace and unpredictable. Like basketball, you see each player constantly under pressure from the ticking of the shot clock, and the reliance of their teammates and coach on making the right move throughout the game.

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I believe In brotherhood, leadership, and excellence. You watch each player each player working together as a team to get that ball past the goalie. In particular, we fancied the "paths less traveled" of the games as we had grown weary of watching people run in circles all day.

Water polo is just as grueling and aggressive maybe even more, so why is it the most underrated sport? Now, my friend Pierce was a five-ten, half-Nigerian, half-Texan lifeguard and an excellent swimmer, despite his five-inch diameter sponge of an afro.

What we did there on that lazy summer afternoon resembled water polo in no way other than sheer physicality: This i believe topic paper This, I believe that everyone was conceived for a certain purpose in life.

They look at the goalie, and fake that they are going to throw the ball with a few quick flicks of their wrists and their poker faces on, finally, they extend their arm back like a boomerang, within a blink of an eye, they hurl the ball with all their force and THUD!

Its better to appraise what one has and is in life than contemplating now and then how life should have been, and When I first discovered it, I merely noted its noteworthiness and promptly forgot its existence.

This often leads to broken noses and split lips.

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You will be on the edge of your seats from start to finish. Water polo is a combination of swimming, basketball, and football; but played in water, yet water polo is not among the most respected.water polo Essay.

Water Polo Water polo is a team water sport. Form of six field players and a goalkeeper require swimming, trade water motion know as (eggbeater.) this sport was invented in by willins Wilson born in London inhis parent are acottish, in the chase of crating new type of sports in the water other then swimming in.

Also Water Polo was the first team sport in the Olympics.

To add on to that, the first Olympic appearance for Water Polo was That is my essay on water polo. Report Abuse Print.

Water polo is a combination of swimming, basketball, and football; but played in water, yet water polo is not among the most respected. In fact, people forget about it all together.

History of Water Polo

Land sports are considered the toughest and most physically demanding sports, but why not water polo? Water Polo Essay Water polo is an extremely demanding sport that tests the bodies health and sport related fitness levels and requires a well-trained body.

Water Polo: a Sport Like Any Other

16 water polo essay examples from best writing service EliteEssayWriters. Get more argumentative, persuasive water polo essay samples and other research papers. The first makeshift water polo contests were played in Britain in the s - the sport.

may thank its inception to the monotony that spectators found in the competitive swim. races of the times. Some horse jockeys with a want for amusement started "Water. Derby", using barrels to replace the /5(2).

Essays about water polo
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