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In the fallowing paragraphs I will delve into the most important reasons why I hold this point of view. When we reached there, our neighbor, uncle john, came and welcomed us also they offered dinner with them. Also, people help each other when cars get stuck, a common occurrence during the winter months.

In extreme cases, neighbours, for what would seem a trivial mistake, get ready to shake their firsts and create uproar. You can often find them peeping from their windows or loitering by their front doors with a hungry gleam in their eyes. Such people are a great nuisance, for everyone has a right to privacy.

Good neighbours also make life much easier. Then neighbors sometime become extremely familiar with you and they steal many things for which you can take no legal action. Because our neighbors live near us, they know a lot about our lifestyle, properties, and behaviors; so, an unreliable neighbor can seriously hurt us financially and emotionally.

The Importance of Being a Good Neighbor

Personally I believe that a good neighbor should be sociable, reliable, and considerate. So neighbors particularly bad neighbors are strange fellows who make claim upon your privacy.

As an important and fundamental quality of a good neighbor, she or he must be kind and nice. In conclusion, a good neighbour is that person that has high moral principles and respect the other people that live in his community. For one, a considerate neighbor would prepare some foods and care about you when you are ill.

Your fine dresses will be criticized on one of the other grounds, or you may be called uncivilized person who does not know the way to wear good clothes. They are usually the people we meet at the very beginning of the day, and whom again we will encounter at the end of the day.

My son has had the opportunity to learn from the older gentlemen in the neighborhood, and being exposed to these older men has enriched his life. Most people do not like those who gossip and spread false news about someone. This section contains words approx.

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The truth is one cannot really isolate oneself completely from the people around. In our daily life, emergency situations may happen, and we may encounter difficulties that cannot be resolved by ourselves.

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We will soon realize they are either too far away or they are unavailable right now. They would play their stereo at so high a pitch that you may be unable to concentrate on what you are studying.

Such neighbor will start inciting your servant and talk against you to the menials. An indifferent neighbor may also be a source of misery.Jul 04,  · The Importance of Being a Good Neighbor. Updated on October 24, Julie A.

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Johnson. more. Contact Author. A brick house being built in the neighborhood. A neighborhood is a street, an apartment complex or other area where people live. The people make it a killarney10mile.coms: Being a good Neighbor essaysBeing a good neighbor takes several different things into consideration according to Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr., as written in his essay "On Being a Good Neighbor."(IS ) Being a good neighbor is far more then just being nice and friendly to the people that li. Essay topics: In your opinion, what are the qualities of a good neighbor? Use specific details and examples in your answer.

Use specific details and examples in your answer. Submitted by maha on Mon, 01/30/ - I think the topic is "good fences make good neighbors", instead of senses I hope its fences. I think you have got an interesting topic to explore in the essay. An essay writing paper require well understanding and research over the topic given prior to start writing.

Qualities of a Good Neighbor Essay Qualities of a good neighbor When I think about my childhood years, I my first friends come to my mind, those who were the first people besides my family I got to know, who become my friends and grew up with me.

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