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We are open every day from 8am until 8pm UK local Debate ghana international airlines can. We accept PayPal making flight purchases with Ghana International easy and more secure for customers. Most policies set a monetary limit per insured person to pay for alternative flights.

We are in limbo, and no regulator seems to be taking it seriously. This has made it difficult to get clarity about potential refunds. We help you through the process.

What is scheduled airline failure cover? Evans says those who paid by credit card ought to be OK; under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, the card issuer is jointly liable for the failure to provide goods or services. Use the following list of routes to help you plan your next flight.

Ghana International Airlines has informed us they are making arrangements to send funds over to London for various people to be refunded. Jennifer Headley is "devastated" after learning that Ghana International Airlines appears to have ceased operations.

Ghana national airline's collapse leaves passengers stranded

Ghana International flies to many destinations offering a cost effective and safe service to all its passengers. Many have also booked hotels. Alternative Airlines is an online travel agency, specialising in booking lesser known airlines and remote destinations. He adds that some people will be covered under their travel insurance, while others will not see below.

Who is the most famous Ghanaian? This is what makes us Alternative Airlines. You will have insight to many benefits and exclusive deals on over airlines. Francis says they have been told various conflicting things, including that the airline is no longer trading, or, alternatively, that it has been grounded but has not ceased trading.

For example, press comment on likely failure or insolvency". As of now, we have not got those funds. Insurance Choicean online broker, offers it as an optional extra to one of its travel policies, with one single premium covering you for 12 months.

Earlier this year, in the wake of the volcanic ash cloud chaos, Moneysupermarket. However, Francis claims that some other airlines serving Accra appear to have upped their prices.

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This is to pick up the pieces if your airline goes out of business, either prior to departure or while you are abroad. Alternative Airlines handles all your travel arrangements and payments, complete with ticketed confirmation.

In the current economic climate, it has arguably become a vital element of travel insurance, but many policies do not include it.

All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. Headley is hopeful of finding out more when she flies out to Accra next month. Francis says her mother intends to wait for the picture to become clearer. Some insurers allow people to add on this cover for a small extra premium.

The links are powered by Skimlinks. If this does not happen, she will try to claim the money back through her card provider.

My friends and family are at risk of losing all of their money, as re-booking will mean paying excessive fares with another airline. Her mother booked her tickets as soon as flights for the end of this year went on sale, so that they would get a reasonably good deal. When these airlines go out of business, passengers find their money may not be protected," says Simon Evans, AUC chief executive.

This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. Money rang the Ghana High Commission in London, posing as a passenger, and was told: Browse for flights, find some amazing deals, make a reservation and pay in the currency of your choice today with Alternative Airlines.

That could prove to have been a wise move, as she may eventually be able to get most of her money back from the card company. If you have scheduled airline failure cover, the insurer will pick up the bill if disaster strikes.

At the time of buying, it says "you must not be aware of any circumstances which are likely to give rise to a claim.

Yet if you end up stranded thousands of miles from home as a result of your airline going belly-up, the extra few pounds paid for it could arguably be money very wisely spent.Mar 07,  · Aviation Essay Topics. Aviation Oversight Essays. Words | 4 Pages.

DEBATE - Ghana International Airlines can only be saved through divestiture; The Tuskegee Airmen Essay; Change at Dupont; The National Transportation Safety Board and Aviation Safety; Swot Analysis. Founded inGlobal Ghana Airlines is commercial air carrier serving international business and leisure travelers with daily non-stop service to Accra, Ghana.

Founded by a long-time veteran of the aviation industry – Global Ghana Airlines aims to take the hassle out of flying. There has been considerable debate over the years as to whether it was fitting to rename the airport from Accra International Airport to Kotoka a Ghana International Airlines Boeing operating from Accra to was damaged beyond repair in a landing accident and runway excursion at Kotoka International Airport, Accra, Ghana.

The aircraft. Ghana national airline's collapse leaves passengers stranded Ghana International Airlines has informed us they are making arrangements to send funds over to London for various people to be. Jan 18,  · Kotoka International Airport, Accra Ghana (May ) - Emirates Airlines A after landing - Duration: Ghanapedia 14, views.

Ghana International Airlines (GIA) was the national airline of the Republic of Ghana. The airline suspended operations on 13 May GIA operated scheduled and charter passenger and cargo services. Its main base was Kotoka International Airport, Accra.


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The airline.

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