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They can be created based on the ECC product hierarchy or can have a different structure that suits the customer. Multiple integrated calendar views. This data is updated for the periods the orders are shipped.

For meaningful answers to these questions, you need good promotional governance — a simple system to evaluate and predict the success of promotional investments.

Providing volume, financial and promotion planning down to individual product level, fully integrated with all backbone functions — finance, pricing, claims management etc. Getting this right is tough, however help may have arrived!

Profitability and effectiveness KPIs for plan is updated customer business planning sap real-time thanks to in-memory technology.

SAP Integrated Business Planning Community

This is exactly the challenge SAP has attempted to address with its latest offering in the trade management space: The need for different perspectives on a plan often leads to multiple versions of the truth. Responsibility Area Territory is created in CRM for a customer account hierarchy node for which the plan is to be created.

Some good questions you may consider are: We need to add all the relevant ECC product categories to this responsibility area in order to have the relevant products available for planning. An online plan, accessible to all required stakeholders in your business. This further results in the creation of accruals in the ECC system.

SAP Customer Business Planning

This results in the application of relevant discount conditions in the order. When orders are created in ECC, the campaign promotion is determined in it, if applicable. CBP exists to ensure one version of the plan is always available, which is realised via the following features: Master Data Elements and their flow Customers: You need a way of ensuring that your investment will work hard to increase sales, gain market share and engage more customers.

This baseline volume also flows to promotions. You could base this on an assessment framework using something as simple as a questionnaire with the right questions to assess process and technical fit by market. Customers are the accounts for which you create a Customer Business Plan.

CBP builds on the capability of TPM to cooperatively plan trade spend with customers, which is traditionally an area lacking in its functionality and often implemented using other tools, sometimes outside of SAP.

What cannibalisation are we likely to see, on both competitors and our own portfolio? Products are created as Materials in ECC. This results into creation of assortments.

Only valid products from the assortments can be used for Customer Business Planning and Promotion Planning.


Can you afford to fall behind? Could this be what KAMs are looking for?

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The shipment order data is then extracted to BW system. These accruals update the fund usages and fund postings in CRM. These trade spends result in generation of discount conditions in CRM.

Scenario based planning is important in accelerating the joint business planning process and I can see this is a key component of CBP and one of its main strengths.SAP BW/BI – SAP BW is the foundation for Customer Business Planning.

There are different Infoproviders or Data Source Objects (DSO) in BW system that store the data. Master Data Elements and their flow. Customers: Customers are the accounts for which you create a Customer Business Plan.

They are usually created in ECC and. Join us and learn more about SAP Integrated Business Planning through the numerous events, customer, and product webinars we are offering this year.

Enhanced trade spend execution with SAP Customer Business Planning

List of events and webinars Watch the recordings. In sap Customer Business Planning Training, For sales plans to be successful, a high degree of collaboration & sharing of information is required by both sides.

At the same time, goals & objectives must be aligned with a view to. Customer business planning is part of the TPM umbrella of products from SAP. I believe it requires a separate license i.e TPM license will not automatically allow the use of CBP.

SAP Customer Business Planning - the Key Account Manager’s new best friend

Your SAP sales rep should be able to clarify. SAP Customer Business Planning is integrated in promotion planning and execution. Planned promotions are combined with baseline quantities to provide an overall business plan.

The system also supports fixed funding as well as dynamic funding. Dynamic funding is based on the latest estimate of the approved plan. Explore SAP product documentation and Learning Journeys for all businesses/industries, find answers to your questions, and more!

Customer business planning sap
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