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Making Myth in Odyssey 19 Acknowledgments Introduction 1. The festival has loomed large in my discussion of the dialogue, but one could go much further. This notion would fit well here: I have argued that in the dialogue the myths can evoke not only other poetic but also other ritual contexts to which they are related.

Odysseus exchanges abuse with the maids, but makes love to Penelope.

We have seen that the dialogue between Penelope and Odysseus is deeply connected with the timing of the festival, since it is here that Odysseus predicts his own return at the end of the current lukabas, which coincides with the festival, and here that Penelope makes her decision to announce the bow contest.

Hunting, especially the kind of hunting that has to do with transition to adulthood, is easily connected with Apollo. On ritual activity associated with the Leto and the birth of Apollo and Artemis at Ortygia near Ephesos see Versnel Crete and the Poetics of Renewal 7.

As he approaches Nausikaa on Skheria, Odysseus is compared to the lion 6. In the Odyssey, Penelope and the maids seem to represent two different manifestations of the feminine, two separate sides that elsewhere can be combined.

There is little sweet in the abuse exchanged between Odysseus and the maids on Ithaca, and yet this may be a difference between more or less mythic versus more or less ritual perspectives.

One conspicuous feature of the Lemnian festival is the disturbed relationship between sexes and the presence of ridicule as part of its expression. Odysseus and the Boar Instead, I argue that there is a complete interpenetration of these layers, if indeed they are layers at all.

The Pandareids and the Festival of Apollo On Delos, the beginning of the local calendar was marked by a new-moon festival of the month Lenaion, roughly, last half of January and the first half of Februarya festival in honor of Leto, Apollo, and Artemis: The two episodes involving Nausikaa and Penelope respectively are linked by a striking transformation of Odysseus into a youthful man with hyacinth-like hair tumbling down his shoulders 6.

See Burkert and Bremmer My contention is that along with the immediate dramatic context of the Odyssey the dialogue is also taking place in a complex mythic context, in a landscape of tradition, or rather, of many cooperating and competing traditions that contribute to the formation of the Homeric epic.

The festival of Apollo in the Odyssey is the only festival of a god mentioned in Homer, and while its importance has long been recognized, its far-reaching effects are still not fully explored.

The younger one runs to tell the father the grim news just as Alcathous prepares to sacrifice to Apollo, and the son flings the logs from the sacrificial fire before speaking.

It seems most likely that the poets who performed epic poetry lived in a world of divergent, conflicting, competing, and evolving local mythologies, and that their experience with this world, which they helped create, is reflected in the way myth behaves in Homer.

Callimachus Aetia 3 frs. Some stylized reflection of this world may be seen in the way Odysseus and Penelope converse through myth in Odyssey In both cases Artemis is also involved: The festival is commented upon by Wilamowitz It may be possible to establish more correspondences between the festival in the Odyssey and such information as we have about the actual festivals of Apollo, though this would be a task of great complexity, since there is epigraphic, archaeological, prosaic, and poetic evidence for such festivals, early and late, and its different pieces come from such diverse times and places as to make any generalization hazardous, if not pointless.

Back to the Loom Conclusion I hope you have enjoyed your peek into ancient Greece and Homer's story of Odysseus and his many adventures.

Hopefully your odyssey of the last seven weeks has enabled you to come to a better understanding of the heroic ideals of Homer’s world and the historic / literary context in which the poem was composed.

In the Odyssey too, the relations between sexes are altered as the festival approaches.


In the Argonautica the jeers exchanged by the Argonauts and the women are accompanied with laughter and described as sweet by Apollonius (γλυκερὴ κερτομίη, –26).

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Their part of the flower is a carpel which surrounds and protects the ovules and seeds. The fruit surrounds the. The Odyssey WebQuest Conclusion Congratulations! You have completed your quest! Even though you were able to avoid all of the major dangers, you now have a written record of your adventure and know the story of Odysseus and the perils he went through to get home.

Using these records, you can now create your own monster and describe. Conclusions for an Informative Essay The rubric states “Conclusion powerfully follows from and supports the information or explanation The Odyssey, one of the best epics in history, depicts many values that the human culture loves to see in a story.

It contains the value of resisting temptation regardless of the cost.

Conclusion for odyssey
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