Coltan war of the drc

They baffle the men on the ground in the coltan business, too preoccupied with making a living. Canada[ edit ] The only North American country with a coltan mining industry is Canada. Ethics of Coltan Mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo Coltan mining operators in the DRC are the most-publicized violators of human rights in the global coltan industry.

He drives us to his home, where he chases away the curious and then closes the curtains. The operations previously owned by Gwalia in Wodgina and Greenbushes continue to operate in some capacity. Civil societies who study developing nations, such as Oxfam, have stated that the cost of mining on the environment can cause nearly permanent environmental damage, [16] which can leave a developing nation permanently poorer, and that support for mining should only be offered in countries that have a clearly defined plan for using the revenue gained from mining for the promotion of public health and infrastructure investments that will eventually allow them to become less resource-dependent.

Soil erosion caused by excessive mining source: Then the local strongman will take his cut. Resource curse Certain countries rich in natural resources have been said to suffer from the apparently paradoxical "resource curse" - showing worse economic development than countries with fewer resources.

However, the increase is primarily due to the fraudulent re-export of coltan of Congolese origin.

Coltan mining and ethics

These regulate voltage and store energy in mobile phones, tens of millions of which have been sold in the past few years. An offshore consortium registered in British Virgin Islands named Nova Dies controlled most of the trans-Balkan trade route.

The Rwandan army, as Rwanda Metals, exported at least tons per month. With the commencement of the digital age in the s, the market for coltan increased significantly Montague,p. Regional analysts say the international demand for coltan is one of the driving forces behind the war in the DRC, and the presence of rival militias in the country.

Information Age The tantalum extracted from coltan is used to make tantalum capacitorsan important component of modern electronics.

Coltan Mining

This combination has led to a storied past of human rights violations in the mining industry. Mining of coltan is mainly artisanal and small-scale and vulnerable to extortion and human trafficking. Most of the mines are rebel-controlled. However, extraction and trade of this item has not come without a Coltan war of the drc.

The Democratic Republic of Congo[ edit ] See: First the young men toss it up into the air as if they were winnowing rice. He is much faster than us as we clumsily navigate the mountain that threatens to crumble beneath our feet. From the Congo it will probably travel to Dubai; its sale, according to the Enough Projectconcealed in Swiss bank accounts.

While these countries do have small coltan reserves, they remain essentially untapped. The revenue generated by this trade serves only to subvert the Congolese state, thereby hindering the welfare of the local population Montague,p.

Although, the United Nations in its reports on the Congo do not directly blame the multi-national corporations for the conflict in the Congo, the United Nations does say that these companies serve as "the engine of the conflict in the DRC.

The UN report accused the fighters of massively looting Congolese natural resources, and said that the war persisted because the fighters were enriching themselves by mining and smuggling out coltran, timber, gold, and diamonds.

It is difficult to verify the sourcing of fungible materials like ores, so some cobalt processors, Cabot Corporation USA for example, have announced that they would avoid unsourced Central African coltan altogether.

But in truth, demand for the mineral is still much greater than its supply. The UN also considers developed countries that support conflict minerals violators of human rights for allowing the violations to continue rather than fulfilling and promoting the human rights set forth in the [10] Declaration.

Try not to buy a new mobile phone every year. The luckiest have rain boots. Photo by Brent Stirton. Blood tantalum It is a far cry from the drama of the "No blood on my cell phone" campaign that a group of NGOs and religious communities have launched in Europe to lobby for an embargo on so called "blood tantalum", the colombo-tantalite ore that comes from the war zones in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The coltan mined by rebels and foreign forces is sold to foreign corporations. Though the problem about this issue is simple as well.Coltan is a metallic ore from which the very similar elements niobium, also known as columbium, and tantalum are extracted.

Blood and minerals: Who profits from conflict in DRC?

Coltan mining specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been associated with human rights violations. Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The strong public attention on tantalum and coltan is somewhat puzzling. Coltan is far from being the most important mineral that is mined in the DRC. The Coltan War. 80% of the world’s known Coltan supply is in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Experts say, that the demand for Coltan is one of the driving forces behind the war in the DRC. From Coltan ores are extracted the metals tantalum and niobium which have several uses in advanced technology products, notably in high density capacitors used in cameras, mobile phones and other compact electronic devices.

One of the principal sources of Coltan has been the DRC. The war, fruit of the global demand for coltan, has greatly contributed to Congolese impoverishment.

(Kinniburgh,p. ) Nearly all coltan from the DRC is illegally traded; it is extracted by means of violence, illegally exported by militant groups and sold to various multi-national corporations. Tantalum from coltan is used to manufacture batteries for electric cars, and in tantalum capacitors it is used in electronic products.

Coltan mining has helped to finance serious conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, for.

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Coltan war of the drc
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