Biome desert and food chain essay

These includes material supply like food, fiber, fuel, medicines and bio-chemicals; or it helps in control of flood, erosion, habitat protection, waste recycling, recreation and so on.

Killing rodents or predators that invade farms impacts the food chain that exists in the desert. Primary productivity in ecosystems depends on the uptake of essential mineral inorganic nutrients by plants and their incorporation into living tissues.

The temperature in the Gobi desert has been known to shift 60 degrees in a matter of hours. The adaption would be difficult but nevertheless adaptable. The Tropical Desert gets less than twenty-five centimeters of rain yearly. The flow of food energy in an ecosystem progress through a food chain in which one step follows another—primary consumers eat producers, secondary consumers eat primary consumers, and so on.

Some of these interactions benefit both organisms whilst other interactions benefit one organism but harming the other. In addition there are decomposer Biome desert and food chain essay, which include mostly saprophytic organisms that help in nutrients and element recycling process.

Abiotic factors within the desert environment include temperature, climate, soil, and rainfall. In this biome many organisms thrive such as types of grasses, willows and evergreen shrubs, rodents, insects, the musk ox, the snowy owl, the arctic fox, the polar bear, and the white wolf.

In the desert there are many non-living abiotic and living biotic organisms that interact with one another.

Essay on Ecosystem: Meaning and Components

In American deserts is the barrel cactus. Mainly their only predator is mountain lions, but more recently it is developing into humans as well.

The profoundal zone, by definite, lacks sufficient light per photosynthesis i. This may cause problems for the organisms to potentially die. Zooplanktons and swimming nektons are also abundant in limnetic zone.

This relationship can be shown as Fig. The biological or biotic components of an ecosystem include both living organisms and products of these organisms.

For example, a raven can be a primary consumer when it eats corn, a secondary consumer when it eats grasshoppers, and a tertiary consumer if it manages to catch a shrew or small snake. It grows creamy yellow and green flowers. However, natural systems are rarely so orderly and linear.

Desert and Animals

The abiotic features all help towards making up the desert. The Salvia leucophllya is a type of aromatic sage where it releases volatile compounds which suppressed the growth of other plants that surrounds the Salvia leucophllya. Location can affect biomes because if it was closer to the equator, then it would have a warmer climate year round, if it lived farther away from the equator, then it would have a colder climate year round.

Biome Essay

Each and every ecosystem provides a number of goods and services to mankind directly or indirectly. In natural communities, energy used to perform work or dissipated as heat cannot be consumed by other organisms and is forever lost to the ecosystem.Within any ecosystem there are two major food chains, the grazing food chain and the detrital food chain (Fig.

). The two-food chains are distinguished by their source of energy or food for the initial consumers. Desert Biome Essay Desert Biomes Denton4 Food deserts are places or regions in the United States that people do not have access to healthy food, A food chain is the feeding relationship among organisms or the series of living organisms that eat each other.

A food chain shows the. Desert Biome (Essay Sample) Instructions: Life dependency in the desert biome [Name] [Instructor] Life dependency in a desert biome The figure above shows a food chain in a desert biome The desert biome usually covers around one-fifth of the entire earth’s surface.

Rainfall rarely occurs in the desert biome, and it is estimated to. Biome Desert and Food Chain Essay by comXtreme, High School, 11th grade, A- March download word file, 7 pages download word file, 7 pages 8 votes/5(8).

Free Essay: Food deserts are one of the main causes of obesity in lower income areas, and while initiatives are being created to solve this problem, more. Desert Biome: Home; Climate; Continents or Ocean ; Producers; Animals; Landforms; Food Chain/Food Web; symbiotic/competitive relationships; Human Impact; This is an example of a desert food chain.

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Biome desert and food chain essay
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