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All thanks to a surge in biomedical production. The Japanese stock market kept falling, leading to even bigger losses. Leeson makes increasingly risky deals to cover mounting losses 23 Feb: Behind bars But despite Leeson being convicted of fraud, some of his colleagues felt that he was not the only one at fault.

Special edition of Talking Business with Karishma Vaswani will focus on what Singapore has to do in order to continue to thrive over the next 50 years. Shipments of raw materials such as iron ore are picking up. Leeson was banned from The Singapore Cricket Club "Nick was the star trader at Barings because his trades contributed a huge bbc asia business report singapore of money.

As Leeson writes in his autobiography Rogue Trader, "It was time to run". Leeson is sentenced At the same time, on the other side of the world, senior Barings executives in London were starting to discover the extent of the losses.

And increased demand for flu vaccines helped an already recession-proof sector to expand. Cautious Despite the sharp economic expansion in the second quarter, the government said it remained cautious because the global economy was still fragile. The new-look programmes will launch on 3 August just as Singapore gears up to celebrate its 50th anniversary of independence.

It is also such an honour to be part of an unrivalled team of business journalists that is committed to understanding the outlook for the economy and the financial choices that govern our lives.

Another incident involved an alcohol-fuelled mooning escapade in a Singapore bar which earned him a night behind bars. Former acquaintances deny knowing him, booksellers deliberately fail to display his autobiography and none of the major video and DVD stores stock the film Rogue Trader, starring Ewan McGregor and Anna Friel.

Compared with the second quarter last year, the economy contracted 3. Key dates January: Soon, rumours emerged that Leeson had sped across the causeway to Malaysia in his Porsche, or that he had escaped on a private yacht.

It was the first quarterly expansion in a year, lifted by increased drug sales and construction activity, said the Ministry of Trade and Industry. He currently lives in Ireland. She was also the first Mumbai-based business correspondent to report for BBC World News, and covered the Mumbai bombings in and But on 2 March, Leeson was arrested at Frankfurt airport and the international manhunt for the missing trader ended.

In a final effort to recover the losses, the Barings trader had bet on the Nikkei index of leading Japanese shares to rise. They had been operating in a bull market for the past decade and everyone had been raking in a fortune.

Luxury resort On that Thursday afternoon inLeeson left the office and took the next available flight to Kuala Lumpur with his wife Lisa, where they checked into the five-star Regent Hotel.

Leeson was released in after four-years in a Singapore prison Leeson had already been racking up huge losses for over a year, but by the morning of 23 February the pressure had reached boiling point. From architecture to Singlish, how a country develops a unique identity in just half a century.

However, the government still expects the economy to contract for the year. The Ministry of Trade and Industry said the economic growth between April and June "may not be sustained".

The search for Leeson ends and he is detained at Frankfurt airport after a week on the run 5 March: Barings tells the Bank of England that it is in trouble 26 Feb: Domestic consumption is not picking up, so analysts say the worst may not be over yet. And as a result the editorial team behind Newsday and Asia Business Report is refreshing the Monday to Friday breakfast shows.

In fact, they were holed up in a Malaysian luxury resort. Few in Singapore want to be associated with Leeson.

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Leeson is already losing serious money Mid-February: The rapid expansion compares with a revised contraction of So analysts say the worst may not be over yet," our correspondent added.

Leeson was eventually extradited to Singapore where he was sentenced to six years in Changi Prison. The reason, yet again, appears to be China.

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And then the house of cards started coming down. Also, a series of six vignettes — Singapore Stories — featuring Singaporeans from a broad cross-section of society, including a third-generation tattoo artist and a year-old body-building great-grandmother - will run throughout the channel from late July.

As the Indonesia correspondent, she covered daily news stories including the July Jakarta bombings and the five-year anniversary of the Aceh tsunami.

Analyst David Cohen, of research group Action Economics, said he now expected other East Asian nations to also release upbeat economic figures for April to June.Asia Business Report is a business news programme produced by the BBC and is shown on BBC World News during the Asian morning hours.

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This programme used to be available exclusively in Asia-Pacific, South Asia and Middle East but, as of a 1 February revamp, is aired worldwide. It is also currently aired on the UK's domestic BBC Created by: BBC World News.

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BBC World Asia Business Report editor in Singapore Ten years ago this week, the rogue trader Nick Leeson fled Singapore after realising he could no longer hide his trading losses of more than $1bn.

Leeson was released in after four-years in a. BBC invests in new Asia Pacific news HQ in Singapore. Karishma was the first presenter of India Business Report, BBC World News’ business programme dedicated to examining the issues of trade.

Get the latest Asian news from BBC News in Asia: breaking news, features, analysis and special reports plus audio and video from across the Asian continent. Sport Hamilton cruises to Singapore. The BBC News bureau in Singapore is home to our Asia online news and business news desks.

It is also a broadcast hub for BBC World News television producing the live daily news programmes Newsday and Asia Business Report. Sep 21,  · Asia Business Report BBC News September 21, amam BST Live from Singapore, the essential business news as it breaks and a look ahead to the news that will shape the business day.

Bbc asia business report singapore
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